Setting up prototype equipment in a Norwegian quarry.

Flying to Norway to set up a prototype rock crushing machine may seem a day to day normal task for some.
For me it was a little more intense due to varying conditions in weather, team, support equipment and last but not least the machine being a prototype of some special construct.

We set up the giant rock crusher in a matter of one week, working from dusk til dawn, getting our buttocks soaked and rockdust-powdered by heavy rain mixed with snow plus the ever present dust of the other crushing equipment running day and night. It was no nightmare though but a challenge which we not only needed to accomplish but wanted to administer in a perfect way of finding solutions, implementing safety add ons and giving a positive but constructive feedback to the plants staff who in weeks of hard work planned, assembled and delivered the metal beast to ists first run on show.

Working late, getting up early, swinging heavy tools and driving over rocks and through puddles of mud, walking ankle deep in dust and soil. 

The machine was a cone crusher supposed to be crushing some of the harshest granite available in the world and it managed all of its tasks well. Some hickups, little things and such to be reconfigurated when looking into producing the follow up machines but in general the engineering departments of the manufacturer had done their jobs perfectly right.

I was there for the documentation and feedback giving to construction, design and planning departments, keeping an eye on safety and working conditions on site and @ machine working. All results were worthwhile mentioning.

Together in a team you are able to run the show. 

Packed up our tools after training and configurating the machine on site and returned home to give what they all were asking and waiting for: Constructive feedback on a proto type.

Ready to run assembly lines – ready for the next project.


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